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Name: Kayla

Games / Animations Played: 56

Gender: Female


Age: 15


About Me: Hey=)~. I'm K~l@ I love all sports (because well I played them all). I'm an upcoming actress, i'll be pursuing my career the way that i imagined it now,(finally). I'm not going to tell you the name of the film I'll be in that's up to you to guess. But i will tell you that the movie will be AWESOME!!!!!:)

Fav Games: I'd have to say that i like, love 3d logic.

Fav Music: I like all kinds of music, but i'd have to say that I love all of TREY SONGZ music (i mean why wouldn't you like his music he sounds so real and he sings about his emotions and feelings.)

Fav Food: I really love Olive Garden's pasta.

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