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Name: Anthony

Games / Animations Played: 56

Gender: Male


Age: 14


About Me: Attention Nickelodon is canceling there best show . Victorious. Check out my youtube channel Kcbroskis.I love puppies and kittens and fishing and sports. And draw my thing. And i believe all dogs and cats and fish and hippos and horses and leopards elephants andgreat white sharks and , televison should all get along in a peace treedy naming them family and if one dies it will try to save them. And im a big yankees fan,giants fan,Pittsburgh penguins fan. I collect hockey pucks. im a bowling champion!!!!!

Fav Games: Draw my thing, Pool

Fav Music: Disco,country.And new music from today.

Fav Food: Chciken wings,pizza,chocolate

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