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Author: joliner

Description: Fast paced, futuristic, hypnotic, obstacle avoiding game, and in real 3D!!! Drive your bike through the pipes grabbing turbos and "shield cubes" to get to the finish line as fast as possible! CONTROLS During a race, the bike is controlled using the arrow keys or ASWD (press "R" or "Enter Key" to retry). The menus can be navigated using the arrow keys and "Enter Key" and "Backspace" to move forward and back... MODES: -Survival Mode, in which you just must avoid obstacles as long as you can. -Time Mode (career mode), in which you must complete a set of 32 levels (with increasing difficulty). In this mode medals are given when a level is completed according to the time required. In both modes, there are 4 bikes to choose (the last one will unlock after some play...) which correspond, basically to 4 difficulties (easy, normal, hard and extreme)

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