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Pokemon tower defence 2: Kanto

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Author: aqua11

Description: A new Pokemon tower defence game! Build 6 types of towers, each with it's special strong side and weaknesses, Grass, Electric, Ground, Water, Fire, Psychic. Get through 9 exciting and really challenging levels of Kanto cities and woods. Save the region from Mewto's army of hypnotized pokemons, and prove you are the real Pokemon master! P.S. Some levels are REALLY challenging, don't be fooled by the simple starting waves - the first waves are here to CONFUSE you and make you waste your pokeballs building towers that you will not even need for later waves. How to play: Place towers and press "Ready". You have 10 seconds after each wave to think and prepare. + YOU CAN PLACE TOWERS IN REAL TIME WHILE THE WAVE IS STILL ATTACKING ! It's a very important feature because in some levels you will be able to pass them only by fast thinking, and placing the right towers in right places in the middle of a fight!!!

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