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Author: armis

Description: Armis is a high strategy board game designed to challenge the brightest among us. Some say: “… it’s like playing Chess, Checkers, Risk, and Stratego all at the same time” because of the compounded complexity of the game. There are over a million ways to properly set-up, players must constantly assess team resources, offensive and defensive statagies and tactics in light of ever changing situations. Very many times grand strategies are quickly vanquished by a smart tactical move (wow factor). Armis is where 'Wisdom Always Wins'.

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Comments on Armis:

User 2193
Sep 24, 2022


User 10822
Dec 4, 2013

Really nice. :)

User 1713
Dec 4, 2013

i love it so much!

User 14681
Dec 4, 2013

awsome game =)

User 545
May 20, 2012

We have new contests every day for the Month of May (2012), contact me if you want to know the current day's contest.

User 5674
May 19, 2012

instant Contest: XL 1st edition Armis T-Shirt to the person that wins the most Armis games today (May 19)

User 14879
May 17, 2012

We are currently looking for avid Armis players worldwide to teach Armis via youtube videos. Search 'Let's play Armis' on youtube to see the format. The videos can be done in any language. Send me a message if you are interested.