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Author: FlashGameDistribution

Description: Spinner is your classic three-in-a-row game with a twist! Click on a ball to spin the surrounding four balls to get three balls of the same color in a line! Spinner has four different game modes; Click, Time, Click Special and Time Special.The Click modes are for the strategic player+nbsp;who likes to think before acting and always do the optimal move!The Time modes are for the ones who always have a spare mouse and dislikes to be limited in their clicking!Both the Click and the Time mode comes in the special version as well as there are special balls that will remove a row, column or all the other balls of the same color!Each mode has its own highscore and it's up to you to prove that you are the best in your favourite mode!Spinner also comes with a colorblind mode where the color of the balls are replaced with different patterns.

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