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Dark Cut

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Description: Intense game where you take the role of a doctor in medieval times. Perform surgery on your patients using traditional techniques. Not for people who can't stand the sight of blood or gore.

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Comments on Dark Cut:

Sep 24, 2022


Sep 20, 2009

nice game!^^:D

Jul 18, 2009

To aim the spike on the vampire one you have to use the space bar... or at least that is what I did.. I just had to guess... then when you do the garlic you have to look close for the spots to put it, there are a few and they appear 1 at a time. The rest is all fairly easy. That is the 3rd and final level. Good luck have fun (GLHF)

Jun 2, 2009

i just want to do i aim the stake on the third level???? do i click the mouse or use the arrow keyes or what? email me:

May 17, 2009

this kinda scares me!