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Author: Exploders

Description: Exploders is an exciting multiplayer game that keeps on challenging you. Earn as many points as possible by defeating your opponent(s) with one of the many bombs or with an invisible mine. Grab as many power-ups as possible and stay alive as long as possible! The field is filled with hard and soft blocks. The soft blocks can hide power-ups (positive items) or power-downs (negative items): these become visible when a bomb explodes close to them, blowing away the soft blocks. Positive items have a green background color, negative items are lilac. There are the following power-ups in the game: Fire Up, Speed Up, Bomb Up, Full Fire, Power bomb, Bomb Kick, Spike bomb, Bouncing bomb, Dangerous bomb and the Mine. In the game itself you can read what each power-up does exactly. The skull is the most dangerous negative item. It has a random negative effect. This effect can be immediate, for example in the case of diarrhea: here you drop all your bombs at once, but it can also last for 10 seconds.

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Sep 24, 2022


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Aug 14, 2016

whos playing?

User 805
Feb 29, 2016

i love this game