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Come2Play Chess

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Author: FlashGameDistribution

Description: Come2Play Chess let's you play against a rival from across the internets or invite a friend directly to your game. Get in on the Chess making fun. Use the mouse to control pieces. Standard Chess rules apply.

Plays: 47034

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Comments on Come2Play Chess:
Mar 21, 2015

hey ! why is it so hard to find opponent here
Mar 19, 2015

why i can play here chess

Feb 23, 2014


Feb 23, 2014


Jul 10, 2012

how to go to lobby

tewwmuch swaggacox
Feb 26, 2012

dis is sum bull bro nd dhey sayin dhey got 4 stars dhey sum liars dis tooo slow 4 me

Sep 6, 2009

yea dis shit is slow