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Author: psyon

Description: Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!

Plays: 92902

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Comments on Dots:

User 8911
Sep 24, 2022


User 12717
Feb 2, 2013

Hi I know this comment is not about the game but PLEASE go to:
they are funny, cute, and good singers! btw I am NOT them

User 12927
Jan 31, 2013

You know if you like this game there is a dots 2 which you can play on 2 player and if you play on 1 player than you play with the computer

User 3348
Jan 29, 2013

did you notice that most of the time you only get points is when it is at the end of the game?

User 6774
Jan 28, 2013

yeah this game is hard

User 2472
Jan 28, 2013

sorry I meant to say I like the game

User 4261
Jan 28, 2013

haha I only got 1 and the computer got 63

User 4492
Jan 28, 2013

I like you game but the thing I hate about it is that you can't win so I agree!! :)

User 8558
Oct 30, 2011

me to

User 10737
Oct 30, 2011

me to

User 3657
Aug 25, 2011

i hear u bro i hear u

User 7115
Mar 8, 2011

terrible game cuz you can never win.