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AVZ: Alien VS Zombie

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Author: fatboyslim007

Description: You are an alien who has come to take over Earth. When you arrive you find that all the humans have been turned into Zombies. Lucky for you – your flying saucer has a giant saw blade. You get to fly around in a flying saucer and grind up all the Zombies!

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Comments on AVZ: Alien VS Zombie:

Jan 13, 2016

I love this game...

Feb 2, 2013

Hi I know this comment is NOT about the game but PLEASE go to:

they are funny, cute, and good singers! btw I am NOT them

prasetyo aqw mania
Nov 11, 2010


May 5, 2009

"Pretty cool game; It gets 'kinda boring pretty quick though. Anyhow, the audio is o.k. and the controls are decent, the graphics need some polishing up. Nice effort..........tk