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AVZ: Alien VS Zombie

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Author: fatboyslim007

Description: You are an alien who has come to take over Earth. When you arrive you find that all the humans have been turned into Zombies. Lucky for you your flying saucer has a giant saw blade. You get to fly around in a flying saucer and grind up all the Zombies!

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Comments on AVZ: Alien VS Zombie:

User 12005
Sep 24, 2022


User 11057
Jan 13, 2016

I love this game...

User 9316
Feb 2, 2013

Hi I know this comment is NOT about the game but PLEASE go to:

they are funny, cute, and good singers! btw I am NOT them

User 5902
Nov 11, 2010


User 12542
May 5, 2009

"Pretty cool game; It gets 'kinda boring pretty quick though. Anyhow, the audio is o.k. and the controls are decent, the graphics need some polishing up. Nice effort..........tk