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Professor Purse

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Author: FlashGameDistribution

Description: Description: What's your purse-onality type? How to play Professor Purse: Click on the purse style that matches your bag today and use the paint tool to customize it. Then click and drag items into the purse. For more options, click on the arrows under the purse. When you're done, click Analyze to find out your purse-onality type!

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Comments on Professor Purse:

User 3166
Sep 24, 2022


User 13120
Dec 3, 2014

chic sherry nice i think

User 14067
May 26, 2012

i wait for this game i wish i was there in this beautiful song world i love this game sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh i will play this game still i tired forever :)

User 9905
Mar 30, 2010

me 2

User 7952
Nov 14, 2009

omg omg omg,,,,,, i love this game it totaly shows the me

User 1128
Nov 14, 2009

omg omg omg,,,,,, 5 36ve this game ıt totaly shows the me