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3d Logic

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3.8 / 5 from 2124 votes

Description: An incredibly difficult puzzle game. The game saves the point you got to last time you played. Can you get past level 16?

Plays: 364927

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Comments on 3d Logic:

User 873
Sep 24, 2022


User 5233
Feb 27, 2015

logic games are the best!

User 14950
Feb 2, 2013

nevermind I got it

User 13258
Feb 2, 2013

level 5 is hard

User 2808
Feb 1, 2013

Hi this is not a comment about the game but PLEASE go to:

they are cute, funny, and are good singers btw I am NOT them

User 3536
Feb 28, 2012

That's 30 XD

User 11928
Nov 14, 2010

Great 30 levels :)

User 12891
Nov 14, 2010

Just passed level 23 :)
Great, addictive game and it puts your brain in the first gear :P

User 6591
Sep 8, 2010

omg I cant get through level 7 :S someone give me a clue?
I feel soo stupid now xD

User 10731
Jul 29, 2010

level 25 is a bit hard

User 11806
Jul 27, 2010

how to complete level 23? this is the hardest for me now. i've been trying for more than 30 times. other levels are still easy

User 6996
Oct 15, 2009

i'm doing this all by myself and NO CHEATING at all

User 13877
Oct 15, 2009

ok nevermind i got 23 it was just a little tricky now i'm on 27

User 13827
Oct 15, 2009

everybody complains about level 16! i easily got to level 23 but now I'm stuck! i don't want help just commenting

User 13649
Aug 17, 2009

wow cant get pass the 6 leve any one help!!!!!!!!

User 3820
Jul 23, 2009

FYI it's now July 09 and it does not auto save for me either. I tried the sequel to this game didn't do near as well as this one and when I tried this one again it just starts me over at lev 1 again :( Was logged in the whole time. Oh well.. now I'm jinxed at lev 16 and can't even get to 19 again lol.

User 5490
Jul 23, 2009

ARGH!!!!!!!!!... lev 19 is sooooo hard!

User 11051
Jun 9, 2009

i dont get this game it sucks

User 9151
Jan 1, 2009

This is really a fantastic game.

User 1355
May 26, 2008

Very Addictive game which causes you to use you to think outside the box and try to find a pattern but can give you one wicked headache 4/5

User 7449
Feb 29, 2008

my wife and I played this game and it got really addictive. we completed all 30 levels!

User 5244
Feb 28, 2008

The games supposed to auto save, its strange that it did not for you. Maybe you should try playing it again and stopping like at level 3 then refreshing the page and see if it does.

User 6924
Feb 28, 2008

i tried playing the game and when i quit i could not continue from the same point i left it. do i need to log on with my username for it to be automatically saved everytime i want to leave the game?