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Name: Desi

Games / Animations Played: 56

Gender: Female


Age: 11


About Me: eye color:chocolate brown hair color:chocolate brown color hair I wish I had:black hair, hot pink nonpermanent highlights favorite type of shoes: sandlas comment: I have always wanted 2 be a singer but I gave up not a while ago cause I auditioned for a play based on the movie "Annie" and I did not get it so I was really sad and gave up on being a singer/actress and I really don't like school because I get bullied a lot but I just try to ignore them.

Fav Games: draw my thing, tattoo artist 1,2 and 3,

Fav Music: one direction, jon duckworth, Kelly Clarkson, carrie underwood simple plan ect.

Fav Food: pizza, garlic ect.

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