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I Wish, I Wish - Prologue

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Author: FlashGameDistribution

Description: An addictive ball bumper game with the challenge of reaching a high score to submit and compare to users around the world and friends on various social networks. This game has a mini back story which adds a cute little thought into the user's mind for sequels yet to follow.This game is aimed to entice the user for an average of 30 minutes or longer due to it's addictive nature, and ability to generate a greater skill of the game over time with a 2 barrier safety system.+nbsp; We should also note that before+nbsp;collaborating together, the programmer released an incomplete version of the game with his own art receiving positive feedback regarding the gameplay. In addition, the old version is version control enabled, so the game will contain links to the new version. Furthermore, the difference between the two versions is huge, the one you see here having brand new graphics and an optimized gameplay.

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Sep 24, 2022