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Taboo Snaps

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Author: fairypee3007

Description: Snap real photos of hundreds of sexy models. Like Pac-Man with hotties instead of dotties! Explore Ecstasy Island and snap real pictures of sexy models. See thousands of real, top-quality photos of professional models. Score points and grab powerups to expand your abilities. Fun for every skill level-- go mellow and slow, or eat a few magic mushrooms, speed things up, and dodge the 80's-era arcade hazards.

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Comments on Taboo Snaps:

User 11054
Sep 24, 2022


User 11456
Jul 16, 2010

The maker's website sez: I hope you like it! It's a nutty little game but everyone says it's genuinely fun to play, way better than the typical naughty games out there. The pictures are fantastic. I encourage people to put it on their own site or upload it to any portal you like. See the "download" button in the game's options screen (click the little gear) for that. Cheers from Australia, Matt