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Wheel Of Death

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Author: geekglue

Description: Get the Wheel of Death daredevil to the goal in all 19 levels by carefully placing ramps, jumps and springs. Score extra points for completing levels without loss of life. Score extra points for completing consecutive levels without loss of life. Select props to add them to the arena. Drag the props in the arena into position so as to get the wheel of death to the Goal. Select "s" to start .

Plays: 46763

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Comments on Wheel Of Death:

Sep 24, 2022

Dec 10, 2010

,liverpool ,wicked game love it now faved

Aug 14, 2009

Well I completed all the levels.. I wish I would have known about the play button restarting ball and not the pieces before hand.. some of them I restarted pieces when I didn't have to :(

Aug 13, 2009

this game is pretty fun and addicting.. a good brain game!