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Linion Rpg

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Description: An incredibly immense rpg game made by Includes tons of weapons and armor, loads of spells, level growth , hours of play, and the ability to fight any npc!

Plays: 31262

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Comments on Linion Rpg:

Sep 24, 2022


Aug 13, 2009

uh... did I miss something... are there no instructions.. I can move around but I can't figure out how to interact with anything... I walk up to something and just get an arrow over their head and can't click on anything and I see the character stat page but don't know what buttons to push to use items or controls in 'slots' .... looks like a fun game, I hope I can figure it out.

Oct 10, 2008

the king? from the first town it never did that to me but ummm go to slot 1 and change it there is a secret spell u have hehe this is a good game other than that glitch

Sep 23, 2008

u eed to fix glitch were after u beat king u go back and cant move

Jun 23, 2008

........actually its good all around.....i found a glitch hehe

Jun 23, 2008

good till the forest your know what i mean when u get there man im lost