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Obama Pigsaw Game

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3.7 / 5 from 428 votes

Author: inkagames

Description: Evil puppet Pigsaw has sneaked into the White House and has kidnapped Obama’s familiy to force him to play a freaky game.

Plays: 34525

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Comments on Obama Pigsaw Game:

User 8722
Sep 24, 2022


User 9531
Mar 12, 2016

i love obama

User 1387
Jan 28, 2013

Obama dies in this and when he fell to the floor he turned into a angel lol

User 2209
Apr 11, 2011

that game is hard

User 12408
Apr 11, 2011

that game is hard

User 7641
Dec 30, 2010

totally on favorites

User 13211
Dec 30, 2010

wow omg i thought my brother would lie to me that this website was awesome but i registered and so far this is my first day and this website is awesome lol