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WOW Connect 2

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Author: front

Description: A very original game in its kind, a connecting game in the theme of World of Warcraft, the famous MMORPG game of Blizzard. The goal of game is to eliminate all the icons (tiles) pair by pair by connecting deux same ones with a line, but be careful, this line can only have less than three 90 degree angle, that's the difficulty! You need to pass the easiest levels (level 1 2 and 3) to activate the level 4 5 and 6, the same, to accede to the final levels, you have to pass correctly the level 4 5 and 6... Not as easy as you think ! And the bests of you will see their name remain in the Hall of fames...

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Sep 24, 2022


User 11946
May 21, 2016

amazing game