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Name: Destiny

Games / Animations Played: 56

Gender: Female


Age: 11


About Me: if you like funny videos than you MIGHT like these people on 1.SIMPLYSPOONS they do music 2 2.COOLSTORYJON i THINK he does music 3.MAXMOEFOE he does prank calls, fan mail, ect. I have a few other accounts called:1.iloveonedirection 2.ilovelouistomlinson 3.ilovezaynmalik 4.iloveharrystyles 5.iloveniallhoran 4.WEEKLYCHRIS does music 5.SHANE DAWSON HE HAS A FEW CHANNELS does music 6.SMOSH does like 4 songs

Fav Games: I like most of the games. I do not like draw my thing on this website cause I played it over 20 times without a account and I would make a account but I would need a e-mail address and I don't got one.

Fav Music: I like all music except classic wants to make me shoot myself in the head

Fav Food: pizza, garlic ect.

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