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Boxhead: 2 Play Rooms

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Author: Uploaded by Admin

Description: This amazing new boxhead game has cooperative and deathmatch modes to play with a friend on the same computer. Gun through tons of zombies in multiple modes, multiple levels, and with tons of different weapons each with tons of upgrades.

Plays: 843

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Comments on Boxhead: 2 Play Rooms:

User 11341
Sep 24, 2022


User 483
Mar 21, 2013

are we supposed to shoot by pressing space bar cause mine isn't working

User 7277
Mar 21, 2013

I love this game

User 4135
Feb 2, 2013

Hi I know this comment is NOT about the game but PLEASE go to:
they are funny, cute, and good singers! btw I am NOT them

User 12699
Aug 27, 2009

it iz wicked dead match rocket laucher iz wicked!!!

User 14152
Mar 5, 2009

Haha, I trapped myself in the barrels thinking they were barricades...and well what happened next I'll leave to your imagination. :P

User 9487
Feb 24, 2009

my sister is such a baby she cries evrey time i win

User 1721
Mar 6, 2008

Awesome, this game is loads of fun to play with other people.